Kaffa Cerrado endeavors to supply the highest quality of coffees from top growing regions across the world. We strive to buy coffees strictly from suppliers who encourage farmers to follow good processing practices. Our suppliers follow strict quality control guidelines and pay a premium for high grade quality coffees, which add greatly to the sustainability and livelihood of the farmers, while maintaining high ethical standards.

Our coffees are carefully chosen and gently roasted to bring out a distinct aroma and flavor for each variety. Each coffee has hundreds of natural aromas and flavors based on many factors - origin, environment, and plant variety to name a few. We have taken the time to figure out the perfect roast for each of our coffee offerings. As painstaking as it may sound, we feel that it's worth it. Worth it because each coffee is unique; worth it because it represents the farmer's effort in producing this bean; worth it because you desire and deserve excellence.

We roast in small batches. It gives us complete control over our roasting and allows us to supply our consumers with the freshest coffee possible. We roast because we enjoy it. We roast such that you'll enjoy it. With a focus on taste, quality and sustainability, we are always looking to improve our selection and quality. We obsess over perfecting it because we don't just like coffee, we love it and live for it every second of every day. Coffee is our passion.