What your coffee order says about you?

I can’t remember a time when my day didn’t begin with a cup of coffee. From frothy cold coffee full of sugar before school to foamy lattes with brown sugar in college to steaming, bitter black coffee now - am I an addict? Caffeine is a stimulant by nature but somehow a relaxant too. Maybe it’s just the habit of it all. It simply feels right. The fact that it is an internationally celebrated beverage just adds to the goodness. You can be anywhere in the world and the feeling of that first sip will transport you to the good place. 

I’ve experimented with different types of coffees over the years and I feel each is associated with a unique personality.


Americano / Black Coffee

Ah! A purist (and won’t be afraid to tell you that). Unlikely to try new things – at least caffeine related (except in the summer when they enjoy an iced cold brew). Could be a pain to collaborate with before they’ve had their first sip.


A patient person. They can certainly wait for their order to come through. They are the goth kids whose idea of graffiti is a sparkling unicorn. They like to soften the bitterness that is life. Tend to have stomachs of steel and are prone to make latte related puns on receiving their order (‘Thanks a latte!’ ugh).

Bonus: Those who make their lattes pumpkin spiced are definitely having coffee under peer pressure and may or may not be an influencer.


A latte drinker but (b)older – has more froth and less milk than a latte.

Decaf / Soy milk / Oat Milk / Almond Milk / Very Specific Order

Their coffee is almost always never right on the first try. Frequently have to send the coffee back. They follow trends, they know what’s up, what’s in and what’s out (cow milk evidently). They are health conscious but likely to eat the accompanying biscotti (will ask if they have a gluten free version).

Mocchachino / Frappuccino

Enjoys placing an order that sounds good. Likes to prefix ‘venti’ or ‘tall’ when describing what they like to drink and are not at you-know-which café.


People who are tired of telling others that it’s not express-o.


They got tricked into ordering this by the maître d at a restaurant.

Instant Coffee

Anything to get their fix.

About the Author: Devika Mehra

Devika is an avid coffee drinker who can go to sleep even after an Americano post dinner. She enjoys reading (anything but her screen time), writing (envisioning herself as a Carrie Bradshaw type without the romances) and gabbing nonstop with friends. She writes sporadically on her own blog - https://devikamehra.blogspot.com.

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