Our Story


We’re a family run business, founded and managed by siblings exploring coffees from across the globe and roasting for the love of coffee to give you the best cup every single time. Like every passionate individual who aspires to excel in their chosen field, we aspire to the best “Coffee Hosts” and have acquired certification and experimented with coffees across both top producing and consuming countries. We source from the best growing regions across the world, coffees that are widely acknowledged and demanded. We roast them fresh as per order. We have no fixed roasting schedule so we keep the smallest stocks to maintain immediate demand and roast to offer your daily fix - daily. We maintain microscopic coffee records using the best technology on the planet to offer you consistent and great coffee. Our one ideology is - “You should have coffee the way you like to have it” and that is why we are always learning and experimenting.



We explore the widest variety of coffees and bring to you a diverse range from the best growing regions in India and across the world. Our selection includes coffees from the highlands of Indonesia, Kenya, the peaks in Peru, and even the volcanic soils of Costa Rica. There’s something for every palate. The process starts with samples from growing regions we wish to explore. Once we test roast the samples, we select our coffees and import the raw beans. We roast as per our order requirements. Once they are roasted in small batches, we store them as beans until we ship them. Before shipping we grind them to the equipment grind required and that is the journey before it reaches your cup. We like to think of ourselves as the coffee roasters who bring you the coffee of your choice.



For the love of coffee - it’s that simple. We love to drink our coffee right and why shouldn’t you? Life is too short to have bad tasting coffee. And there is no one way of having coffee. We encourage you to drink coffee “the way you would like to have it.” We offer suggestions and guides on how to enjoy our beans over various brews but it’s just a starting point to get your brewing on. Once you have tried it, we encourage you to experiment and have coffee the way you would like to. We love to hear what works best for you and to improve our own methods of brewing. We like to better our best and are always improving and raising our own standards. After all, coffee is all about experimentation and conversation. So share with us - why do you drink the coffee you do? 


Roasting is an art as much as it is a science. We understand the growing conditions and the varietals of coffee before deciding what kind of a roast profile would be suitable for the coffee. The farmers and growers are the true artisans who nurture and produce the crop. We translate their effort into your cup. We use a “green roaster” to have the minimum impact on the environment when we roast our coffees. We make a conscious effort to save water and to convert the by-products of coffee like grounds and chaff - into good quality manure. We yearn to make a social impact and give back to society.

We’re not only here to serve good coffee but also to truly make a difference.




Our counters and cafes are collaborative experiences. We want you to spend time over your cup in your favourite surroundings and have partnered in key locations in the Capital to bring you your favourite cup of coffee. We look forward to exploring more opportunities for collaborations with like minded brands and locations.

Our Roastery in Okhla, New Delhi is an exploratory space for you to come and try our coffees! We offer our complete selection of coffees where you have the choice to pick any coffee of your choice in the method of brewing you prefer and have it as per your experience. While tasting in the cafe area - you can peek into the Roastery to see the processing live.

We partner with restaurants, cafes and hotels who care about their coffee program. If you would like to serve a good cup of coffee to their consumers, we work with you in curating a complete experience from the choice of the blend, beverage selection, training and classes. 

We've got you covered not only at home, your dine-in and take away but also when you are visiting an event. Whether it is a wedding or store launch, media briefing or team meeting, we can cater to your coffee needs by sending our trained manpower, equipment and ingredients with a customised menu. We're in this together and we mean it. We're with you in your good times and bad. We're just a call away.