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Indian Tasting Pack

Indian Tasting Pack

An exploration of our Indian coffees!
One 75g packet each of the following freshly roasted coffees.

Gungegiri Estate
Tasting Notes: Sweet, Pepper, Velvety
Roast Degree: 9/10 - Dark

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold
Tasting Notes: Light, Lemon, Toffied Caramel
Roast Degree: 6/10 - Medium

Kalledevarapura Estate
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Honeyed Figs, Citrus
Roast Degree: 4/10 - Medium Light

Tat Tvam Asi Estate
Tasting Notes: Clean, Sugarcane, Honey
Roast Degree: 3/10 - Light

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